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What Is a Modular Home?

A modular home is constructed from two or more factory-made boxes that are fitted together on site to create a safe, energy-efficient, and cost-effective home. These boxes are called “modules,” hence the name modular home. It is a type of prefabricated housing that has become increasingly popular in recent years since new technologies have allowed for this previously restrictive way of building to become 100% completely customizable.

Why build Modular?

COST: Building modular can save you money. Depending on the type of modular you want, you can expect to spend up to 60 % less, although this kind of saving can only be expected under certain circumstances.

QUALITY: The evolution over the past few decades have made the modular homes become more popular not only for the lower costs but also for a superior construction quality, due to superior quality materials, controlled environment construction, quality inspections and the need for each module to be structurally sound to survive the trip from factory to site.

SPEED: The time it takes to manufacture your home will depend in the size of your home and the size of the factory and you can expect to have it completed in 4-6 weeks. To this you have to add the permits and approvals, foundation and transportation. But still the timeline is much shorter than with site-built.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The construction of a modular home is more environmentally friendly thanks to less raw material waste and to manufacturing and shipping in massive amounts. For more detailed energy efficiency information, see GREEN MODULAR HOMES.

Is Modular construction really faster?


Design and engineering stage will take the same amount of time for modular as for site-built (This can be shortened if you go for the standard floor plan since the builder is already familiar, but we are assuming you are building a completely custom modular home)

Permits and approvals, despite common belief, take the same amount of time also.

Now we come to the differences in timeline, being the first one when actual construction starts. With site-built construction, all the site preparation and foundation has to be finished before the actual house can be built while the modular construction work on the house can be done at the same time as the foundation is being prepared.

Weather conditions, damaged materials, stolen materials… are issues that wont delay your modular construction, since it is constructed in a factory environment.

Once the modular home is set on the foundation, the builder can connect all the utilities at once for you to move in.

Green Modular Homes

AIR-TIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Modular homes are crafted with factory precision. This means that, since less outside air makes it to the house, the temperature and quality of the air are kept at a stable level.
Also thanks to that precision, insulation efficiency allows perfectly sized pieces to be an integral part of the walls.

HEATING & COOLING EFFICIENCY: Thanks to the air-tight construction, placing a vent in almost every room will maintain steady temperature and air quality throughout the home.
Floor, walls and ceilings of each module are joined together with the neighboring modules, meaning that your home is effectively divided into well-insulated separate sections. The consequence being that your home can be heated or cooled by zone, lowering bills each month.

SOLAR: Solar panels can be added to the roof or freestanding in the yard. They can generate electricity, heat water, heat radiators…And no matter how many hours of sunshine you enjoy a day, daylight can be enough to generate the necessary electricity.

INSULATION: Good quality insulation can help you reduce significantly your heating bill. Walls, ceilings, windows and doors incorporate high standards of insulation to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

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