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Once you have decided, together with our design team, how you want your home to be built, comes to time to start building.


While the pertinent permissions are processed, the drawings of the various sections of the house are sent to the factory to develop.

Here begins the construction process.


And we would like to show you the step-by-step of a real home development as it is happening


Each section of the house follows the specifications previously detailed in the house plans,

like the pieces of a puzzle that fit to perfection.


Once the work in the factory is finished, the different modules are packaged and shipped in containers to their final destination, the plot.


At the same time that the factory works and ships the modules, our team is working on the plot, preparing it to begin assembling the modules as soon as they arrive.


And begins the assembling of the different modules to transform what was a design into a reality for you to enjoy for years to come…


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